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Interpretation of dream: Tomb

Spiritually we may feel that we have entered into a world that is all at once mysterious and dark dark in the sense of the light being obscured. Although we perhaps fear this darkness, we are also excited. It is worth remembering that we are not trapped, but in a brief state of panic which can be overcome by belief. If we are trapped in a tomb in a dream we may be trapped by fear, pain or old outdated attitudes in our waking life. If there are bodies in the tomb, these are usually parts of ourselves we have either not developed or have killed off. If one of those bodies comes alive, the attention we have given to that aspect of our personality has been sufficient to resurrect it, and a little thought will allow us to identify it. Going into a tomb suggests going down into the darker parts of our own personality. We may be fearful to begin with, but later more at ease. Finding ourselves in a tomb suggests we are ready to face our intrinsic fears of death and dying. A sarcophagus is similar to a tomb, but is much more of a memorial, marking how important the occupant is or was. To dream of such an edifice is to recognize the importance of death and the rites of passage associated with it. Consulting the entries for Catacomb/Crypt, Death and Skeleton/Skull will provide further information.