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Interpretation of dream: Toilet

Spiritually, a toilet suggests that we have the means at our disposal to cleanse away negativity we have taken in. Something wrong with the toilet could suggest that we are emotionally blocked. If it is overflowing, the blockage is causing a difficulty in controlling our emotions at the present time. Going to an unfamiliar toilet suggests we are in a position where we do not know what the outcome to a situation will be. Cleaning a dirty toilet suggests we are losing our ?prudish? attitude, and may have gone through some kind of internal epiphany. For many people the toilet has in dreams been until recently a symbol for dirt and lack of appreciation. There has also been the inevitable association with sexuality. Nowadays the symbolism is much more to do with notions of privacy, and the ability to reach a state where we can release our feelings in private. In both men's and women's dreams, toilet dreams can often be about self-worth and clearing childish confusion. You might also like to consult the entries for Clean/Clear and Dirty as well as the information for Bathroom in House.