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Interpretation of dream: Till

A till is symbolic of the resources we have accumulated spiritually, not necessarily financially. They are being stored up until such times as we need them. When we put money in a till, it is being put there for safe-keeping and will allow us to quantify how much we have accumulated. Nowadays this accumulation will be deposited with a bank for safe-keeping. This is where the more practical and psychological meanings coincide. We need to save or conserve what we have both energy and resources to get best benefit. To be withdrawing money from a cashpoint in a dream signifies our need to make use of those resources. There are two meanings of ?till?. One is to till or tend the ground, and while that is a less potent image nowadays, the image still appears in dreams in the sense of cultivating opportunities. The other meaning is as a safe, temporary repository for money. It is this symbolism of a commercial transaction which is the one most understood. In dreams, a broken cash register would symbolize the breakdown of our ability to accumulate resources and also possibly signify debt. You might like to consult the entries for Debt, Garden and Money for further information.