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Interpretation of dream: Ticket

Spiritually, a dream of a ticket will symbolize our recognition that all knowledge must be somehow ?paid for? and that we have a right to that knowledge. One interpretation of a ticket in the form of a certificate or voucher is that of us requiring recognition of the effort we have put in. To dream of receiving such a ticket indicates it is we who are being recompensed. A winning lottery ticket would have the same significance. Generally, a ticket suggests that there is a price to pay for something. A bus ticket would indicate that there is a price for moving forward, as might a train ticket. A ticket to a theatre or cinema may suggest we need to take a back seat and be objective over a part of our lives. Tickets to a football or rugby match might mean that we will have to pay for some area of conflict in our lives. You might also like to consult the entries for Gambling, Lottery and Win/Winning.