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Interpretation of dream: Threshold

We may be standing on the threshold of a new spiritual awareness. We need to be particularly alert as to what changes are occurring. At this time we are often aware of a personal guiding force known as the Guardian of the Threshold. The Guardian of the Threshold to the Underworld (a different entity) is often seen in dreams as a dog. When we are about to take on new responsibilities, we can dream of standing on a threshold. We may be moving into a new life, or perhaps a new way of living. The threshold experience is a particularly strong one in Masonic imagery and Initiation rites and surfaces in dreams when we are emotionally ready for such a ceremony. Even in Parliament, permission must be asked to cross the threshold. Crossing the threshold in dreams indicates new experiences. To be lifted across a threshold may suggest marriage, or in this day and age, a new relationship. Consult the entries for Ceremony, Edge, Freemason, Initiation and Rite/Ritual for further information.