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Interpretation of dream: Television

There are some aspects of spiritual learning that require an element of practicality about them. Often this will appear in dreams as a medium such as television. It is as though the dreaming mind requires a recognizable intermediary in order to accept the information. Television, with its many repeats and ?reality? programmes, gives a rich source of dream images, from celebrities to fantasy scenarios. Many such images can, with a little thought, be identified as archetypal; football stars, for instance, representing both the Hero and the Tramp as freedom lover. Dream images connected with television drama series and ?soaps? where we are able to follow a story are much to do with our ability to recognize archetypes that we can relate to, or situations that have resonance with us in our work or personal life. Consult the entries for Celebrity, Fame, Famous People and Media as well as the information on Archetypes in the Introduction for further information.