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Interpretation of dream: Teacher

A spiritual teacher usually appears either in dreams or in person when the individual is ready to progress. There is a saying in the Hindu religion, ?When the chela (pupil) is ready, the teacher will come.? Often that teacher will not appear as a Wise Old Man or Woman, but as a person appropriate to the level of our understanding. When we are looking for guidance, the Animus/Anima can present itselfin dreams as a teacher. Often the figure will be that of a headmaster or headmistress (someone who ?knows better?). If we dream of ourselves as a teacher we will need to look at what information we have that should be passed on. For many people, a teacher is the first figure of authority they meet outside the family. That person has a profound effect on the child and the teacher is often dreamt about in later years. Teachers can also generate conflict if their expressed views are very different to those learnt by the child at home. This may be something that has to be resolved through dreams in later years. Consult the entries for Education, School and Authority Figures in People, as well as the information on Animus, Anima and Wise Old Man in Archetypes in the Introduction.