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Interpretation of dream: Target

Spiritually a target with its concentric circles can symbolize the total Self. The soul is in the middle, surrounded by spirit, mind, body and finally environment. To be shooting at a bull's-eye could be interpreted as a search for perfection. Most of us need some kind of motivation in life, and a target as a symbol of our intellectual aspirations may not make much sense until we study the context of the dream. Aiming at a target in dreams would suggest we have a particular goal in mind. To be aiming at a person could suggest ?targeting? them on an emotional level for our own gratification. In a work sense in dreams a sales or performance target might suggest our goals are imposed on us by others. On a more personal note, we will set our own targets for instance health or education goals. If we were setting someone else a target in dreams, we would need to understand that the other person in the dream is a reflection of part of ourselves. You might also like to consult the entries for Arrow, Goal and Shot/Shooting.