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Interpretation of dream: Tablet

We all have access to esoteric and hidden knowledge. This can be represented in dreams by the Tablets of Moses. Taking tablets in dreams may suggest that spiritual or alternative methods of healing may be appropriate in a given situation. In magical terms, a tablet presupposes knowledge greater than our own and, therefore, represents an element of trust. We trust our destiny to someone else. Taking a pill in a dream may alert us to our ability to heal ourselves. We may also be conscious that we need to be careful over what we choose to include in our lives. Taking medicine in the form of tablets signifies we recognize our need to be healthy and suggests doing something to make ourselves feel better. We need to ?heal? something that is wrong. In dreams, taking such a course of action will signify putting ourselves through an experience we need in order to improve our performance or potential. If we are giving tablets to someone else we may be aware that their needs are not being satisfied. You might also like to consult the entry for Medication/Medicine.