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Interpretation of dream: Sun

The sun can symbolize spiritual enlightenment and radiance. The dreamer can ?soak up? and use the sun's power for further spiritual development. Because the sun is such a powerful image on its own as a life source, it can also appear in dreams as a symbol for other life energy. The sun in dreams suggests warmth and conscious awareness. If dreaming of a Native American Sun Dance, or any such worship, we may be wishing to acknowledge the sun for its all-encompassing power and energy. We are using the energy of the sun for guidance and vitality. A sunny day suggests happiness. To be drawn to the sun indicates we are looking for enlightenment. In turning towards the sun, the sunflower could be said to be a symbol of obsession, but also of worship. With its many seeds it also represents fertility. There was an ancient belief that the sun was masculine and the moon feminine. The image of the sun and the moon appearing together in a dream follows that belief and suggests integration of masculine and feminine energies. You might also like to consult the entry for Planets.