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Interpretation of dream: Stealing

Spiritually, stealing is using energy inappropriately. At each level of awareness we have certain power available to us that must be used wisely and well. For instance, ?black? magic could be interpreted as stealing. Psychic ?vampirism? is another form of stealing. Stealing is a very emotive word for most people, and it will depend on the dreamer's background as to how they feel about inappropriate behaviour. This image also comes up when dealing with the emotions. For instance, a ?needy? person may feel they are stealing affection. To dream of stealing suggests that we are intent on taking something without permission. This may be love, money or opportunities. If someone steals from us we may feel cheated. If in dreams this act is by someone we know, then we need to work out how much we trust that person. If it is by someone we don?t know, it is more likely to be a part of ourselves that we don?t trust. However, if we belong to a gang of thieves, then we should carefully look at, and consider, the morals of the peer group that we belong to. You might also like to consult the entries for Burglar, Group and Thief.