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Interpretation of dream: Sport

From a spiritual perspective, sport in dreams suggests the ability to keep the ?temple? of the physical body in peak condition. To be the best requires discipline and means calling on reserves of power and energy we may not know we have. Sporting activities were, and indeed still are, used to channel excess energy. Psychologically, any sport requires us to overcome our own inadequacies and to have courage beyond the norm. Taking part in competitive sport in dreams will signify our ability to be competitive in other areas in life. Tackling an opponent is confronting a problem, whereas fishing tackle is a means to an end. Sport, as a dream symbol of business and working life, is a potent image. Team games will represent the ability to work in harmony with others, whereas athletic activities in dreams may suggest personal excellence. Acting as a referee highlights our ability to control circumstances around us. To challenge the referee is to be challenging authority. Consult the entries for Compete/Competition, Games, Running and Win/Winning for further information.