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Interpretation of dream: Spire

As a representation of our spiritual progression, the spire suggests the movement from the secular to the sacred. It has represented this from time immemorial. The spire represents ambition and striving. A fallen spire would suggest the collapse of hopes. To be building a tower or spire has connotations with the Tower of Babel and shows a need for more or better communication. To see a spire in a dream is to recognize a landmark, whether personal or more universal. In previous times, people oriented themselves by churches. Now a pub tends to be a marker, but in dreams the spire still persists. The spire can often be taken in dreams as a phallic symbol, particularly and somewhat obviously the erect one. In a woman's dream, the spire will usually represent her sense of the Ultimate, whereas in a man's dream it is more likely to represent his ambition. Consulting the entry for Tower as well as Religious Buildings in Buildings and also the information for Spiritual Imagery in the Introduction should help provide further clarification.