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Interpretation of dream: Spear

Spiritually, the spear signifies directness and honour. It has the power of life and death. The spear is psychologically that part of ourselves that is fertile and assertive. To see a warrior with a spear is to recognize the aggressive male. To put a spear in the ground is to mark one's territory. If we are throwing a spear we perhaps need to be aware of our more assertive tendencies. The spear has many meanings from a mundane perspective. It can represent the cut and thrust of business life or the wit of social interchange. In its more negative sense it can suggest sarcasm and bloody-mindedness. A spear represents the masculine in dreams and is a phallic symbol. Whether it appears in a man's or a woman's dream, it allows us to be conscious of the need to cut out nonsense and get straight to the point. The entries for Arrow and Weapons will provide further information.