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Interpretation of dream: Soap

From a spiritual perspective, soap and shampoo represent cleansing. It is an attempt to get back to basics and to clear our wants, needs and requirements. We are trying to make a new connection with the Spiritual Self. Psychologically soap can indicate a need to clean up our act. We may feel a sense of having been contaminated by an experience and situation and our dream mind is alerting us to the fact that we need to deal with it. Because shampooing is connected with the head which of itself represents intellect there is a connection psychologically with needing to have clarity of thought. We may feel that our thought processes have been slowed down, or dirtied, by outside influences. Soap in dreams suggests the idea of being cleansed. We perhaps need to create an environment of cleanliness both of physical cleanliness and appropriate behaviour. Shampoo in dreams has an obvious connection with cleansing and washing. On a practical level, we are trying to ?clear our heads? in order to think or see clearly. Often in emerging male sexual dreams soap and shampoo represent ejaculated semen. A woman will often dream of shampooing her hair when a relationship breaks down; presumably she is instinctively aware that she must intellectually free herself. You might also like to consult the entries for Clean/Clear, Dirty and Washing as well as the information on Hair and Head in the Body entry.