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Interpretation of dream: Smoke

Spiritually, smoke signifies prayer rising to heaven and is used with that significance in those belief systems that use incense. It also represents the raising of the soul to escape from space and time and the restrictions of the physical dimension. Smoke in dreams can represent passion, although it may not have ?flared? properly into being. Smoke can also represent either cleansing as with incense or contamination of some sort. If we are smoking tobacco or any other substance, we are trying to control our anxiety. If we smoke in real life, but recognize in dreams that we no longer do so, we have overcome a difficulty. Smokers who are attempting to give up in everyday life will often have many dreams focused around the issue of smoking. Smoke in dreams suggests that there is a feeling of danger around, especially if we cannot locate the fire. As smoking in public become less acceptable, in dreams it may be seen as an act of rebellion or deliberately choosing to go against the norms of society. Consult the entries for Fire, Incense, Rebel/Revolution and Tobacco for additional information.