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Interpretation of dream: Size

Spiritually size is irrelevant. It is more the appreciation of feeling that becomes important. A ?big? feeling is something that consumes us, whereas a ?little? perception may be only part of what really exists. A child learns very early on to make comparisons, and this is one of the things that we never lose, particularly in dreams. Something is often bigger (taller) or smaller rather than simply big or small. In dreams size is relative. We might recognize somewhere we know, but find it is larger or smaller than we thought it to be. It is the size within the dream that is relevant. To be conscious of size in a dream highlights how we feel in relation to a person, project or object. Big or tall might suggest important or threatening, whereas small might indicate vulnerability or something ?less than? ourselves. Thus a big house would be an awareness of the expansion of oneself, whereas a small house would indicate an intensity of feeling. The contrast between fat and thin, or thick and thin, is a subjective evaluation that will often depend on cultural differences. The issue of size in dreams is dependent on our own personal evaluation. To be actively reducing an article may mean that we are trying to make a project or task manageable.