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Interpretation of dream: Siren

As an archetype, it is only when it is understood spiritually that the Siren can ultimately restore man to himself that she becomes acceptable and can be worked with. After having rejected her enchantment, we are free to become whole. The Siren suggests deception and distraction of man from his purpose. In dreams this is usually sexually oriented and difficult to handle. In psychological terms she is Temptation and often appears in Greek or Roman attire, as if to enhance the erotic image. She can often be pictured in dreams sat by water, since she works mainly with the emotions. To hear a siren as in an ambulance or fire engine is to be warned of danger. For some, the sound of a siren will evoke images and memories of war and destruction, triggering feelings of anxiety. In a woman's dream, if she has not come to an understanding of the Siren within her, such a character can appear ultimately to be destructive. In a man's dream, the Siren is generally an aspect of his Anima, initially alluring, then recognizably destructive, before he finally discovers how to handle her. For both men and women it is vital that they learn to integrate, or come to terms with, this part of the personality. You might also like to consult the entries for Emotions, War and Water as well asthe information on Siren in Archetypes in the Introduction.