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Interpretation of dream: Sinking

Both spiritually and physically, to be sinking is to be getting into a situation where we are unable to see clearly or to perceive the best course of action. For sensitives, this may be when the negativity of others threatens to overwhelm us. A sinking feeling in dreams usually suggests worry or fear. Emotionally we are unable to maintain our usual happiness. We may feel that we are not in control, and that we cannot maintain forward movement. To see an object sinking may suggest that we are about to lose something we value. A sink as a water receptacle symbolizes the way we hold onto our emotions. To be sinking in a dream suggests a loss of confidence. We may be unhappy at something we have done, and feel hampered by the circumstances around us. We may feel we are losing ground within a relationship or situation. To see someone else sinking would suggest we are aware of a difficulty that perhaps needs our help. What we are sinking into could be important. To be sinking in water would suggest a particular emotion is threatening to engulf us. To be sinking in quicksand or a bog indicates that we feel there is no safe ground for us. Becoming conscious of a sink or basin suggests that some kind of cleansing is necessary. The entries for Drowning, Emotions, Quicksand and Water will provide additional information.