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Interpretation of dream: Silver

Spiritually, silver is said to represent the feminine aspect, gold being the masculine. This came initially from the gold of the sun and the silver of the moon. Metals were thought to be ?reflections?. Silver on a more psychological level has been taken to represent the emotional qualities of the moon. This may be in the sense that we are available, yet remote. The moon and silver both represent a quality of attraction and self-sufficiency at the same time. On a practical level, silver coins appearing in a dream suggest finance or money. Silver bars are metal in its raw state. In any case, silver is something of value that can be held in reserve against possible difficulty. In a woman's dream, silver will often represent her essential core. In a man's dream it is more likely to represent his rather more diffuse qualities. The entries for Colours, Gold, Metal, Money and Moon will further enhance your understanding.