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Interpretation of dream: Shovel

A shovel is an implement or tool which can be used to help us uncover what is spiritually correct. Since a shovel or spade can suggest a degree of introspection, of covering up, what is being moved is important. We need to be mindful of the content of our lives. Digging compost, for instance, would mean considering the sum total and most fertile aspects of our lives, whereas shovelling sand, with its attendant dangers, might suggest trying to manipulate time. A shovel in a dream will signify a need to dig into past experiences for information. We may need to uncover a past joy or trauma, or possibly even a learning experience. The type of spade or shovel will be of relevance. A garden spade would suggest being totally pragmatic, whereas a fire shovel would indicate a need to take care. You might also like to consult the entries for Digging/Excavation, Sand, Time and Tools.