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Interpretation of dream: Shield

In spiritual development the shield appears as a symbol of a particular stage of growth. It is at this point that we need to appreciate that we have control over our own destiny. This symbol often first appears in dreams representing this stage of development. In myths and legends the Amazonian woman is shown carrying a shield. This symbolizes woman's ability to be both protective and assertive. A shield is a symbol of preservation. It can appear in dreams as a warrior's shield, or as a barrier between the dreamer and the rest of the world. If we are shielding someone else, then we need to be sure our actions are appropriate and supportive. If we are being shielded, we need to be clear as to whether we are erecting the shield or whether it is being erected for us. Consult the entries for Barrier and Warrior as well as the information on Amazon in Archetypes in the Introduction for further clarification.