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Interpretation of dream: Shapes

At a certain stage of spiritual development, geometric shapes that will give us a greater understanding of the abstract world begin to appear in dreams. It is as though our old perceptions of form are beginning to take on new meaning and interpretation. The number of sides a shape has will be significant, as will the colours. Considerable symbology has grown up around shape. Various shapes and patterns can be interpreted as follows: The centre symbolizes the point from which everything starts. In relation to shape, it is the point from which the pattern grows. Circles represent the inner being or the Self. They are also unity and perfection. Crescents (including the sickle and crescent moon) signify the feminine, mysterious power that is intuitive and non-rational. The crescent is also recognized as the symbol of the Islamic faith. Crosses signify the realization (in the sense of making real) of spirit into matter. Diamond shapes in a dream indicate that we have both greater and lesser options available to us. The hexagon is the geometric figure that makes the most efficient use ofspace. The cells of a honeycomb are hexagonal for this reason and this shape epitomizes nature's best use of resources. The hexagram is a geometric figure that symbolizes the harmonious development of the physical, social and spiritual elements of human life and its integration into a perfect whole. Ovals are symbolic of the womb, and also of feminine life. Called the Vesica Piscis, it is the halo that completely encircles a sacred figure. Patterns of any sort that appear in dreams as part of the scenario can categorize how we handle the repeated patterns and behaviours in our lives. Spheres have a similar meaning to globes and indicate perfection and completion of all possibilities. The spiral is the perfect path to evolution. The principle is that everything is continually in motion, but also continually rising or raising its vibration. Square or Cube the square and cube both signify the manifestation of spirit into matter. They represent the earthly realm as opposed to the heavens. The cube is a more tangible representation of this. Stars, particularly bright ones, indicate our hopes, aspirations and ideals. The star represents those things we must reach for. The swastika, with its arms moving clockwise, portrays Ideal Man and the power he has for good. In Eastern symbolism it signifies the movement of the sun. The swastika moving anti-clockwise signifies all that is sinister and wrong. The triangle represents Standing Man with his three parts: body, mind and spirit (or being). Consciousness and love manifest through his physicality. There is potential still to be realized. We can accept the nature of things as they are and can look at the fundamental structure of our nature. We can appreciate the basic shape our lives are taking without placing inhibitions in the way. There is a game based on shapes in which you draw a square, a circle and a triangle, and then get someone else to elaborate each of the basic shapes into a drawing. Whatever they make of the square is supposed to relate to their outlook on the world, the circle to their inner being and the triangle to their sex life. Such images give potent material for dream work. You might also like to consult the entries for Archetypes, Colours, Globe, Labyrinth and Numbers, as well as the information on Spiritual Imagery and Symbols in the Introduction.