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Interpretation of dream: Seasons

The division of the year into Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter gives occasion for celebrations and festivals which are vehicles for knowledge and inspiration. The need for us to be able to divide time into periods or phases arises initially from the necessity to co-operate with the seasons from a survival point of view. Given deadlines and limitations, the human being is able to survive through striving. In dreams we instinctively link with this inherent ability and need to live by the natural calendar. When we become conscious of the seasons of the year in dreams, we are also linking with the various periods of our lives; spring signifies childhood; summer, young adulthood; autumn, middle age; winter, old age. When we understand the natural cycle of the year, dreams by both men and women will link with the union of the God and Goddess. You might like to consult the entries for Autumn, Festival, Rite/Ritual, Spring, Summer and Winter for further information.