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Interpretation of dream: Scythe

The scythe, like the hourglass, is often held by the figure of Death and represents the ending of physical existence. We are becoming aware of the fact that the cutting off of life or energy may be imminent around us, although it need not be our own death. The scythe is a very old-fashioned symbol for the passage of time. Its appearance in dreams shows we are linking with very deeply held concepts and ideas. It is time to harvest our own experience and ensure that we can acquire all that we need. The scythe is a cutting instrument, and therefore has the same significance as a knife. In dreams it usually suggests that we need to cut out non-essential actions or beliefs. We need to be fairly ruthless in order to achieve a desired end. You might also like to consult the entries for Death, Harvest, Hourglass, Knife, Reaping and Time.