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Interpretation of dream: Scales

The Scales of Justice represent spiritual balance and harmony, and also good judgement. By association, they also represent the astrological sign of Libra. Scales in a dream suggest the necessity for balance and self-control. Without that balance we cannot make a sensible decision as to potential courses of action. We must ?weigh up? all the possibilities. Scales will also suggest standards for instance, standards of behaviour to which we are expected to adhere. We may be weighed and found wanting. If the scales are unbalanced in a dream we need to search our conscience and discover where we are not functioning properly in our lives. The various types of scale we see in our dream will have slightly differing meanings. For example, bathroom scales would suggest a more personal assessment than a public machine, whereas a weighbridge might suggest that we need to take our whole lives into consideration. If they were doctor's scales we may be alerting ourselves to a potential health problem. You might also like to consult the entries for Justice, Weighing/Weight and Zodiac.