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Interpretation of dream: Satyr

The satyr is a spirit of nature and of natural power. When man was less civilized than he is now, his animal nature was closer to the surface. It was possible for him to see and identify patterns of energy or spirits, both in himself and in nature, which then took on human or semi-human form. As we progress and learn more spiritually this ability can resurface in dreams. From a psychological standpoint the satyr is that part of nature that is not controlled, and is beyond restraint. It owes allegiance to no one and is completely anarchic. If perceived as destructive then it will be so. If accepted as helpful then it will be equally obliging. While most of the time in the waking state we suppress such figures, in dreams where there is no conscious control they will sometimes appear. The satyr is usually pictured with the horns, legs and tail of a goat and is recognizable as Pan, the Horned God. He represents the wilder lustful side of our personality. Consult the entries for Centaur, Fabulous Beasts and Horns for further information.