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Interpretation of dream: Salt

As a distillation of everything we know, salt represents wisdom. As a symbol of permanence and incorruptibility, spilt salt is thrown over the shoulder, supposedly in the face of the Devil. As in the old days salt was paid as salary, so nowadays to be given salt in a dream shows we are aware of our value. There are many customs associated with salt. In Scotland, along with coal and bread, it is the first thing to pass over the threshold to greet the New Year, symbolizing health, wealth and happiness and will also appear in dreams as a symbol of the savour of life. In dreams, salt highlights the subtle qualities we bring to our lives, those things we do to enhance our lifestyle. We run most of our lives through our emotions but the more subtle aspects are just as important. It has been suggested that if the water was removed from the human body there would be enough minerals and salt left to cover a fifty pence piece.