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Interpretation of dream: Sadism

Sadism appearing in a dream would suggest that it is probably a counterbalance to our conscious way of being in, and dealing with, the world. It will obviously depend on whether we are being sadistic or if someone is being sadistic towards us as to the interpretation. We know that in dreams other people can represent parts of ourselves, so we need to consider whether we are causing ourselves harm deliberately or inadvertently. We may feel that we wish to punish ourselves for some supposed misdemeanour and, as a displacement activity, we dream of sadistic behaviour. The very fact that it is sadistic may also mean that it is masochistic that is, self-involved. Sadism often arises because of anger still held but suppressed from childhood hurts. It is the wish to hurt or provoke a reaction often in someone we love. In waking life most of us are not capable of being sadistic, but in dreams we can do what we like, so sadism becomes acceptable. Sadistic behaviour that is not sexual in nature signifies a degree of childish cruelty in both men's and women's dreams. That cruelty may well be gender specific. SAILING/SAILS Sails represent the Spirit as in a force that moves us. Sailing suggests a sense of spiritual freedom and the ability to use our intellect. To be tacking sailing against the wind suggests that we have created difficulties, possibly by setting ourselves against public opinion. To be sailing with the wind means we are using opportunities to the best of our abilities. Because a boat or ship is usually thought of as feminine, the sails in dreams can represent pregnancy and fertility. By association, they can also signify how a woman will use her intellect. Sails suggest the idea of making use of available power. Often the type of sail will be relevant. Old-fashioned sails would suggest out-of-date methods, whereas racing sails might suggest the use of modern technology. The colour of the sails may also be important. When we dream of sailing, we are highlighting how we feel we are handling our lives. We can either work with the currents or against them. If we are sailing in a yacht there is more of a sense of immediacy than if we were sailing in a liner. The former is more to do with one-to-one relationships, while the latter suggests a group effort. Also consult the entries for Boat/Ship, Colour, Journey, Transport, Wind and Water.