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Interpretation of dream: Sack

Formerly the appearance of a sack in a dream was taken as an indication of death. Today, it is more likely to indicate the liberation (freeing up) of part of our personality or difficulties that need to be overcome so we can progress spiritually. A sack shares much of the significance and symbolism of the bag, or any such receptacle, in dreams; the womb is often symbolised in dreams as a bag or sack. As an everyday object it acts as a container and its appearance in a dream can indicate that we should look making the best use of our resources. At its simplest, to dream of a sack can link with word play such as ?getting the sack?. It brings a period of our lives to an end, possibly in a rather negative way. Perhaps in an effort to move on, we have created circumstances within our lives that make us feel bad about ourselves for a time. In a woman's dream a bag can represent her feelings about pregnancy, while, interestingly enough, in a man's dream it is more likely to mean some kind of womb experience. Consult the entry for Bag as well as the information on Womb in the Body entry or further information.