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Interpretation of dream: Rubbish

We may need to dispose of spiritual rubbish outdated perceptions and truths that are no longer relevant. A dream about rubbish or garbage can indicate that now is the time to perform that task. Very often, rubbish or garbage is the remains of food preparation. Often we are being alerted to what we need to do in order to remain healthy how we need to treat our bodies and make space for new experiences which will allow us to act for the Greater Good. Recycling of both rubbish and garbage suggests making best use of our resources. Rubbish in our dream creates a scenario where we are able to deal with those parts of our experience or our feelings that need to be sorted through in order for us to decide what is being kept and what can be rejected so we can progress. To be collecting rubbish or garbage can indicate that we are making wrong assumptions. To be recycling old rubbish suggests that we have learned the lessons we needed to.