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Interpretation of dream: Rope

A rope, as in a mountaineer's rope, can offer security and also a sense of spiritual freedom. As a noose, such as a hangman's noose, it may suggest despair and possibly our attitude to death. If we are tied to the rope, something is holding us back from expressing ourselves. Being tied by a rope to something or someone else means we are bound to them and need to look at the ties that bind us what holds us together. We should look at the limitations of that particular relationship and how much mutual freedom there is. A rope can suggest strength and power, though the power can turn against us. A rope and pulley suggests using the forces of weight to help us; a frayed rope signifies a lack of care. If the rope is made of an unusual substance such as hair or material, or is fashioned in a strange way, this will be a representation of the uniqueness of the bonds we have. You might also like to consult the entries for Hang/Hanging, Noose and Weighing/Weight.