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Interpretation of dream: Rocket

Because of the spiritual symbolism of reaching heights to which none have been before, and ?shooting for the stars?, the rocket represents spiritual searching and adventure. Nowadays any symbol of power connects with our ability to do, or be, better than before. The rocket in this sense will have much of the same symbolism as the aeroplane except the destinations will be less easily accessible. The explosive power and energy available is something to be carefully looked at, since we need this type of power in order to make radical changes in our lives. The energy that is available to us in dreams can be indicative of what we have available in waking life. In popular parlance, to be given a rocket suggests recognizing that we are not functioning the way we should. To take off like a rocket means moving very fast in terms of some project we have. Giving someone else a rocket in dreams may mean we are trying to motivate a part of ourselves or that we know more can be done by others. The rocket in basic terms has a connection with male sexuality and can have this significance in both men's and women's dreams. Consult the entries for Aeroplane, Journey and Transport for further information.