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Interpretation of dream: Rockv

Spiritually we will need, at some point, to go through a transition that requires careful management This often presents itself as a rock barrier. Dual rocks through which we must pass suggest the same image as the passage between two pillars, such as the Pillars of Hercules; that is, passing from one state of awareness to the next. It is similar to an initiation. On an intellectual level, all the images that we think of in relationship to rocks prevail. There is reliability, coldness, rigidity and a foundation on which we can build. We need to recognize these qualities within ourselves so that we give ourselves the best options possible. We can find ourselves ?between a rock and a hard place?, in a difficult situation in dreams. To dream of rock suggests stability in the real world. If we are on firm ground we can survive. We may also be aware that we must be firm and stand ?rock-like?, and not be dissuaded from our purpose. Seaside rock can remind us of happier, more carefree times. You might also like to consult the entries for Barrier, Initiation and Stone.