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Interpretation of dream: Robe

In spiritual terms the white robe is innocence and the seamless robe represents holiness, and in dreams would tend to represent different spiritual awarenesses. Magical robes with different symbols and of different colours would signify esoteric knowledge and the ability to use power correctly. A robe can suggest our attitude to sex and relationships. If it is clean we have a good self-image, if dirty, the opposite. A dirty robe could also suggest depression. A new robe might signify a new approach to the way we present ourselves, whereas an old one might suggest the comfort of a previous way of working. Dreaming of a robe such as a bathrobe can have two meanings: one is that of covering up vulnerability and the other is of being relaxed and at ease. The dream will indicate the correct significance. To be dressing someone else in a robe is to protect them. You might also like to consult the entries for Clothes, Colour and Magic/Magician.