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Interpretation of dream: Ring

Like the circle, the ring signifies eternity and divinity. It represents totality and infinity. We all need some kind of continuity in our lives, something that gives a sense of long-term comfort. A ring holds this symbolism because it is never-ending and is self-perpetuating. To be ringing someone in a dream suggests we are trying to make contact with something important. A ring appearing in a dream usually signifies a relationship of some sort. A wedding ring suggests a union and a promise. A ring belonging to the family would represent old traditions and values. An engagement ring suggests a more tentative promise of devotion. An eternity ring would be a long-term promise. A signet ring would indicate setting the seal on something. A bullring suggests an element of cruelty. You might like to consult the entries for Hole, Telephone, Wedding/Wedding Dress/Wedding Ring as well as the information on Circle in Shapes/Patterns.