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Interpretation of dream: Rescue

Rescuing someone in the spiritual sense is saving someone who is less fortunate than we are, whether that is through compassion or otherwise. Spiritual rescue is a technique where the souls of the departed are turned towards the Light direct knowledge and helped to move on. When we have put others in danger, we are required to rescue them in dreams. We are then able to show a degree of nobility and courage that engenders a feel-good factor and allows us to have the capability to reach for the best within ourselves. Being rescued in dreams is a powerful image, since it leaves us indebted to our rescuer. Rescuing someone else, particularly someone known to us, often suggests that we wish to have a, or form a different type of, relationship with that person. If we do not know them, then the character may represent part of our own personality that we need to pay attention to. The knight rescuing the maiden signifies the idea of the untouched feminine being rescued from her own passion. Also consult the entries for Danger, Knight, Light, Quest and Threat/Threaten for further information.