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Interpretation of dream: Rain

Rain, by virtue of its ?heavenly? origins, symbolizes divine blessing and revelation. It brings about creativity and growth. Rain can also have a more universal meaning, in that it is the realization of potential on a group level. We should all be able to make use of the fertility that it can bring. The various types of rain have different meanings: heavy rain suggests depression and perhaps isolation whereas gentle rain indicates a time of relative prosperity. Realizing that rain has passed can indicate fresh opportunities are available. In its simplest meaning, rain stands for tears and emotional release. We may have been depressed with no way to release our feelings in everyday life. Rain in dreams often becomes the first realization that we can let go Rain in a woman's dream can suggest the sexual act and the release that that brings. For a man it may bring understanding of his own and his partner's emotions. You might also like to consult the entries for Emotions, Water and Weather for further information.