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Interpretation of dream: Raft

The raft is an image connected with the spiritual transitions we must make in life. It is less secure than the idea of a boat, but more secure than doing it alone. If we are feeling ?lost? and can see no respite, then we may dream of a raft, a solid yet impermanent structure beneath us. It can sometimes be meaningful to find out what the raft is made of. It can often appear in dreams as a symbol of transition, so the material can give us some idea of how to act. If it were made of wood, for instance, it would suggest a readily available rigidity; if of car tyres or other waste material we need to recycle, or reuse the information we already know. A raft is a place of safety, often amid turbulence. While it may not be overly secure, it has the ability to support us. This is the kind of dream that occurs when we are dealing with emotional upset or difficulties. You might like to consult the entries for Boat/Ship, Journey, Transport, Water and Wood.