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Interpretation of dream: Radiance

True radiance, being a quality of light, is a sign of pure spirituality. It is pictured in representations of Holy figures and has the ability to dazzle us to stop us in our tracks and at the same time draw us in and enlighten us. Radiance represents something out of the ordinary or supernatural. It also suggests purity of thought, wisdom and the transcendence of the mundane. When something appears as radiant in a dream it is being marked as having some kind of special quality, which we may need to explore further. Heightened emotion in dreams can be seen as radiance and charisma also has its own quality of light. Filmic images of extraterrestrials give a stereotypical image that is often characterized by a type of radiance and this can be carried over into dreams. Whether it is menacing or not will depend on other dream content, but the eeriness will certainly need to be considered. Consult the entries for Halo, Light and Extra-terrestrials for further clarification.