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Interpretation of dream: Quay

Spiritual progress can be suggested by a quay, since it is a point of departure. This image has obviously had more relevance in the past when travel by sea was more prevalent than air travel. Because anything associated with water is connected with emotion and how we feel about things, being on a quay can indicate how we need to handle other people's emotions as we move into a new phase of life. It also signifies being prepared to participate in the flow of life. Standing on a quayside in a dream can indicate either moving forward into a new phase of life or leaving an old one behind. If looking forward with a sense of anticipation, it is the new phase that needs understanding. If looking back, there may be something in the past which needs attention before we can move on. Oddly, a quay, presumably because of its shape, can represent the masculine principle. In a man's dream it is the quay itself which will be relevant; in a woman's dream it will be the water and her emotions. You might like to consult the entries for Boat/Ship, Journey and Water.