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Interpretation of dream: Prostitute

Spiritually we need to accept other people's values. A prostitute originally meant ?one who stood before?, and in ancient times was a woman who initiated men into the mysteries of the sacred marriage, a rite of sacrifice. In dreaming of prostitution, we may actually be connecting with a poor self-image. We are minimizing our abilities and talents this may be in a work situation as much as in our personal life. Very often, when we are expected to perform, inadequacy or ego makes us feel that we are ?prostituting? our talents. Dreaming of a prostitute often suggests a hidden sexual need. Often, dreaming of a prostitute forces us to look at our own sense of guilt or uncertainty about ourselves. A pimp is one who procures business for a prostitute and this has obvious resonance in the business world. To be paying a prostitute may suggest that we do not trust our own abilities, sexual or otherwise. To be paid for the sexual act may suggest that we feel relationships will cost us. In both cases there may be a fear of loving relationships. The appearance of a prostitute in a woman's dream can highlight her own unexpressed need for sexual freedom. In a man's dream it may signify his need for relationship at any cost.