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Interpretation of dream: Procession

Spiritually, a procession is indicative of a group of like-minded people but also of people who have great knowledge. In dreams we are recognizing the importance of whatever system of belief or religion we belong to. We recognize respect must be paid. A procession is often a way of marking a special occasion with pageantry and dignity. In dreams such an image can often represent our need to have our own successes and abilities recognized. To be taking part in a procession is acknowledging our need to belong to a like-minded group. To be watching a procession is to appreciate other people's single-mindedness. A procession means an orderly approach and often makes a statement of intent. In a dream, to see a line of people who all appear to have a similar goal or set of beliefs in mind, indicates that it is the intention behind the group which is important. Often a procession is hierarchical, with the most important people either first or last. This could be important in a dream in enabling us to adopt priorities for ourselves.