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Interpretation of dream: Prehistoric

Spiritual progression requires us to understand our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual urges. The prehistoric images indicate either the lack of ability to integrate the various parts of ourselves successfully, or to integrate with society. There are still aspects perhaps of family history that need to be understood. Often in dreams the landscape or scenario appears to be prehistoric. This is ?before thought and before we had the ability to properly record our impressions. If we believe that babies are conscious of the world they will enter before birth, then these impressions can appear in later life as prehistoric images. For instance, a barren landscape might indicate a lack of love. Being aware in a dream that something is prehistoric is to recognize that feelings and emotions we have arise literally from before the time we were able to understand ourselves. When we have not fully integrated and comprehended the basic urge for survival, it is possible for us to be self-destructive without necessarily appreciating why. You might also like to consult the entry for Dinosaur.