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Interpretation of dream: Pregnancy

There is always a gestation period in spiritual work. We may have to be patient and wait for a natural process to take place so that we can fulfil a task. To dream of someone else being pregnant suggests that we are in a position to observe part of ourselves developing new skills or characteristics. We may be unaware of what the outcome of this process will be. To dream of a man being pregnant, particularly if it is a woman's dream, is probably a projection of her own wish for the man to take responsibility within her life. Dreaming of pregnancy usually denotes a fairly protracted waiting period being necessary for something, possibly the completion of a project. A new area of our potential or personality is developing. Interestingly enough, for a woman to dream of pregnancy seldom actually means her own pregnancy, although it can indicate pregnancy in someone around her. For a man, dreaming of the pregnancy of his wife or partner can indicate his willingness to take on extra responsibility.