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Interpretation of dream: Precipice

A precipice will indicate a perceived spiritual danger. In fact, there is no way forward except to acknowledge that danger and continue on our way. The image of the Fool in the Tarot shows him at the beginning and the end of his journey. He is unmindful of the precipice and initially is not aware of the danger he is in. Conversely, he does not care because he is aware he is capable of stepping off the edge and taking flight. This type of dream often appears when we are in a position of great risk. The fear of failure is a very strong emotion. Often it can be represented in dreams by a precipice. To step off a precipice is taking risks, since we do not know the outcome of our action. To try to climb a precipice is to be making a tremendous effort to overcome obstacles that have arisen. Consult the entry for Cliff to help with clarification.