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Interpretation of dream: Up

This shows that we have the capability of achieving a degree of supremacy. We are capable of getting the 'upper hand' in particular situations. We can move away from the mundane, ordinary, everyday world into a more spiritual way of life. When any direction is indicated or particularly noticeable in a dream, we need to consider the esoteric implications and how these are applicable in our everyday lives. Based on the Chinese method of interpretation and used by those systems of belief that adhere to the natural forces, the points of the compass can be read symbolically. The North signifies the Unknown, and hence sometimes darkness. It is spirituality within the world. The East traditionally suggests birth and mystic religions. It also represents becoming 'conscious'. The South is representative of earthly passion and sensuality. The West can symbolize death, but more properly the state after death when there is increased spiritual awareness. Traditionally, it can also represent the more logical side of our natures.