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Interpretation of dream: Plait

Very subtle influences come into play when we begin to develop spiritually. Hair plaited into the shape of a crown or wound round the head indicates spiritual attainment. Hair is often used as a representation of the individual in magical spells. Plaited hair was formerly a means of creating order and cleanliness. Often in dreams to see a plait reminds us of the talisman or favour belonging to his lady that a knight of old would carry into battle. Nowadays it is more of a lucky charm. To be plaiting string, rope, hair etc. highlights our ability to weave the different influences of our, or someone else's, life into a coherent whole. In olden times, a plait using three strands indicated the interweaving of body, mind and spirit. It also represented the influences that were assimilated by a growing girl and taken into her understanding of herself as a woman. In dreams, a plait represents womanhood. In the present day, the more creative men will often wear their hair longer, and for this to happen in a dream suggests that they are in process of recognizing their emerging sensitivity. To clarify this interpretation further, consult the entries for Crown, as well as Hair and Head in the Body section.