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Interpretation of dream: Pit

The pit, like the abyss, represents the Void and possibly death not necessarily a physical death, but more a death of the old self. We have no choice but to go forward, knowing that we may fail, but also that if we do succeed our lives will change for the better. To face the pit requires extreme courage. Rescuing others from a pit, particularly if they are members of our own family, suggests that we have information which may be of use to them to enable them to overcome their problems. We may also be showing our concern over certain actions, which seem irrevocable. Pushing someone into a pit indicates that we are trying to suppress a part of our personality. To be conscious that the pit is bottomless signifies that we do not have the resources to recover a previous situation. Many people talk about the pit of despair and of feeling trapped within a situation. A pit in a dream makes us more conscious of this particular feeling. We may be in circumstances that we cannot get out of, or may find that if we are not careful we will put ourselves in such a situation. If we are digging the pit in the dream, we may be creating the situation ourselves. If others are digging the pit, we may feel we have no control over our circumstances and that doom and disaster are inevitable. You may also wish to consult the entry for Abyss.