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Interpretation of dream: Man

Any man appearing in a dream shows an aspect or facet of our character in a recognizable form. Each of us has a repertoire or portfolio of behaviours, some of which are acceptable and some of which are not. In dreams those behaviours and characteristics can be magnified so that they are easily identified, often as personalities. By working with the characteristic, more energy and power becomes available. Even when we are threatened by a negative character trait, we can still access room for improvement. A man in a dream can identify the Shadow for a man, and the Animus for a woman. An older man (if the man is white-haired or holy) can represent the innate wisdom we all have. Such a person can also signify the father in dreams. When a large man appears in our dreams we are usually appreciating the strengths, certainties and protection that our basic beliefs give us. A man in a woman's dream signifies the more logical side of her nature. She has, or can develop, all the aspects of the masculine that enable her to function with success in the external world. If the man is one she knows or loves she may be trying to understand her relationship with him. An unknown man is generally that part of the dreamer's personality that is not recognized. In a woman's dream it is the masculine side of herself, and in a man's dream it is the Self.